CINCPAC-CINCPOA 報告 第161-44 (1944年11月15日)



CINCPAC-CINCPOA 報告 第161-44 (1944年11月15日)





ABOVE: View of entrance to UNTEN KO between OKINAWA SHIMA and YAGAJI SHIMA
from NE. (Photo of 10 Cctober)


UPPER RIGHT: Small submarine and PT base in UNTEN KO from NE. Note small subs alongside quay and PT boats camou- flaged with natural foliage. A ramp is off picture to right. (Photo of 10 October)


LOWER RIGHT: Looking NE along UNTEN KO. Note camouflaged PT boats along shore in foreground. The small submarine base is off the lower side of picture. (Photo of 10 October)


Unten Ko, used as a minor supply base for midget submarine and pt boats, provides numerous protected anchorages forsmall craft. Depth in the entrance is 4 1/4 fathome. The channel is narrow and tortuous.

Small wharf, crude ramp and crane for servicing small subs and pt boats.





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